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Labour Export Loan


Financing visa and other related fee for the workers going to foreign countries and arranging Air Ticket.

Target group: Recruitment Companies/Consultants for work abroad jointly with the worker going abroad.
Facility type: Short term loan.

Limit. Max 90% of the cost of air ticket and Visa fee within our single borrower exposure limit.

Tenor. Max 12 Months.

Repayment. Monthly installments.

Primary Security.

  • Post dated cheques from Recruitment Agency.
  • Personal Guarantee by the Director/s of the Company.

Collateral security. Charge on personal assets of the borrower/parents.

Documents Required:

  • National ID/ Passport of the worker.
  • Copy of Visa/Work Permit.
  • 2 Recent Passport size photographs of worker going abroad.
  • Copy of offer letter for going abroad.
  • Board Resolution from the Corporate Client for opening deposit/loan account/s with us and Power of Attorney granted to its managers, officers and/or employees to transact on the account.
  • KYC Documents and photographs of the Directors/signatories. Work Permit/s if Foreigners.
  • Certified copies of Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, Form 20, Form 7, Form 18 (for address of the company).
  • Demand Promissory Note.
  • Loan Agreement.
  • Personal Guarantee executed by Director/s and parent/s of the borrower.

Processing fee.

1% of the loan amount.

Late payment.

A penalty of 1% of defaulted amount per month or its part.


2% Life Insurance of Borrower is desirable.

Administrative charges. 1% of the loan amount.