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The Story of Kafeero Godfrey

My name is Godfrey Kafeero, from Lugazi, Buikwe District.

I am a transporter of agricultural produce (with most emphasis on cane) and that is my full-time job.

In my line of work, having a reliable and efficient means of transport is important. This is because your vehicle is your office.

My journey with Yako Bank began in 2020 when I visited Tata Motors for a truck Loan. While at Tata, they talked to me about their different partners in finance and I was then introduced to Yako Bank Uganda.

When I learnt about Yako bank, I was then given flexibility to choose between the Kampala branch and Jinja branch for my loan to be processed. Being someone from Lugazi, I went with Jinja for it was much more convenient and easier to access.

The good people at Yako Bank Jinja branch took me through the processes of getting my truck. The process was swift, transparent, efficient, customer centric and I received my truck (Tata 25/16) reg. no UBG 491V within very short period.

However, no sooner had I received the vehicle, than the pandemic hit. I experienced that challenge because, I had a loan to process and I had to work on building the body of the truck. It took me nearly 2 months working on the body. I then got it right, processed my permits and paperwork and I was now able to move even through the lockdown.

Business was slow but my loan kept moving and with the assistance of the good people at Yako Bank, I was able to pay and clear.

With this experience, I am able to move more agricultural produce from farms to the different market places, and I believe to grow, and get more of these vehicles with the help of Yako Bank.

I have also referred up to 8 clients to the institution all because of how welcoming and supportive they were to my needs.

Yako Bank ebeewo. Nsigadde nze Kafeero Godfrey from Lugazi

The Story of Mujaasi Robert

My name is Robert Mujaasi, from Lugazi, Buikwe District.

I am a farmer who deals in cane growing and cattle keeping. My story however starts with my previous profession which was teaching.

I left the teaching profession to practice the other thing I was passionate about, agriculture. Currently I do cane growing and cattle keeping for both commercial and subsistence.

Yako Bank Uganda has played an important part in my growth story. Being someone who practices farming, I needed to have transport. This would help me move my produce to the market and so forth.

I visited several financial institutions looking for affordable solutions to the transport problem, but they were either charging very high interest, or had a very long tern around time. One institution took over a year trying to process what I needed.

I then learnt about Yako Bank Uganda. They not only cared about my needs, but they helped at a much smaller interest rate, and turn around time. My loan was processed within a weeks’ time. Then I waited 1 more month due to short supply of vehicles and I received my Tata truck.

The good people at the Jinja branch gave me all the assistance I needed to the dot.

This truck has helped me move my cane to the factories in Lugazi, it has helped me transport hay for my cattle, and I have also been able to transport many other inputs for my farming activities.

What started as a business transaction of just UGX 100M has built a lasting relationship between me, and the institution. I have referred up to 5 clients and they believe am the testimony about how Yako has been a big contributor to my agriculture business. It has helped me with my transition from the teaching profession to the agri-business profession.

I own some more properties in Mukono district, and my long-term goal Is to develop them. This will also require transport solutions and I intend to acquire more trucks like tippers, equipment like concrete mixers to enable me do the necessary development.

I thank Yako Bank for being a solution to my needs just at a time I really needed them.

Long live Yako Bank….