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Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about your checking or savings account, or any other YAKO banking services? Let us help you with these frequently asked questions.

What are the Yako Bank products and services?

Savings accounts

Recurring deposit accounts

Fixed deposit accounts

Corporate savings accounts.

Where can one find Yako Bank branches?

Raja Branch – On Parliament Avenue

Jinja Branch – On Main Street, next to KCB

Forest Mall Branch – On the Forest Mall building opposite KFC

Is there an MTN platform where clients can deposit money directly from their mobile money accounts?

We do not yet have an MTN platform, only Airtel for now.

Can I use the mobile banking App to transact on my account?

Currently, only viewing rights are active, clients can’t transact on the App but we are transaction rights are in development.

Can I use my fixed deposit as security to acquire a loan from your Bank?

Yes. Clients can use their fixed deposits as security to obtain a loan up to 80% without any guarantor.

Can I use my land agreement as security to acquire a loan from your Bank?

No, land agreements aren’t used as collateral to obtain a loan but rather land titles.

What securities can be used to acquire a loan at Yako Bank?

Land titles

Car logbooks with comprehensive insurance

What is Yako's Loan duration?

1 year (12 months) – 3 years (36 months)

What are Yako loan products?

Housing and Corporate Housing Loan
Term and Corporate Term Loan
Vehicle Loan
Labour Export Loan
Salary Loan to Employees
Boda Loans
Tata Loans

Does Yako bank offer cheques for the accounts opened?

Currently, Yako Bank is not issuing cheques to clients